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At Counselling Connections, the door is open to all.

Our therapists have special training and education to co-journey with clients who are seeking to explore their spiritual experience and issues, with a well-developed skill set for providing a caring, comfortable, non-judgmental, one-on-one atmosphere.

Spiritual counselling is available to help you:

  • Have a safe place to examine and explore your spiritual stories and life experiences.

  • Gain wisdom and insight for better understanding your own life’s meaning and purpose

  •  Gain a deeper appreciation for the mysteries and turning points of life  

  • Utilize spiritual wisdom as framework for loving relationships and purposeful living

  • Gain heighten awareness of the inter-connectedness of life

  • Increased levels of consciousness for mindful living and loving.


For persons who embrace spirituality as an integral part of being human, counselling can be a warm, welcoming, safe place for explore this sometimes perplexing and provoking aspect of their journey.

Spirituality includes a sense of connection to something bigger than our self, and it typically involves a search for meaning in life. It centers upon connecting with the deepest values and meanings by which people can live their lives, with each person discovering and tapping into the essence of his/her being.

It places a highly relational value on the human journey: relationship with self, loved ones, others, ancestors, creation, nature, beauty, and God/The Divine/Higher Power.

There is evidence that spiritual practices are associated with better health and well-being including:

  • A daily spiritual practice increases levels of positivity for enhanced health and well-being. Using contemplative practices and/or prayer and meditation is shown to increase compassion, empathy, and attention, as well as quiet the mind.

  • A spiritual community can improve your life. Many spiritual traditions encourage participation in a community, where fellowship, such as attending church or a meditation group, can be sources of social support that yields a sense of belonging, security, and community.

  • Spiritual strength can help you overcome hardships. By seeking comfort in spirituality or religion, people have been able to find ways to meet and overcome life’s serious challenges and be able to continue to carry on restored to purposeful lives.

  • Spiritually oriented people have tools for making healthier, sustainable choices. Neuroscience studies indicate that the life-lengthening benefits of spirituality can be compared to eating a high amount of fruits and vegetables or taking blood pressure medication.

  • Forgiveness is good medicine. Letting go of blame and negative feelings after a hurtful incident is a practice that is reflected by a number of spiritual traditions, including Christianity, Islam, Buddhism, and Judaism.

  • Modern science shows the health benefits of forgiveness are numerous: better immune function, longer lifespan, lowered blood pressure, improved cardiovascular health, and fewer feelings of anger or hurt.

  • The Golden Rule is a spiritual practice that helps people to live side by side with greater respect and harmony, and it too is reflected by a number of spiritual traditions, including Christianity, Islam, Buddhism, and Judaism.

  • A daily spiritual practice increases levels of positivity for an enhanced sense of well-being.

Some spiritual questions people may be asking that speak to identity, life purpose, and life cycle are:

  • Am I a good person?

  • What is the meaning of my suffering?

  • What is my connection to the world around me?

  • Do things happen for a reason?

  • How can I live my life in the best way possible?

  • Is there more to life than I am currently experiencing?

  • How can I make sense of my life?

  • Is there really a God?

If spirituality is important to you, you may wish to express and explore this part of yourself more fully in the sanctuary of a counselling room, in a more sacredly attuned therapeutic process.​

Prayer for Peace

Listen to, and reflect upon, the following prayer for peace.

May I be at peace

May my heart remain open

May I awaken to the light of my own true nature

May I be healed

May I be a source of love and light for all I encounter.

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